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  • Dean's role

    Andrey Kolyada

    Eurasian Management and Administration School - EMAS Business School


    20-07-2017 01:59 PM

    The Dean's role and responsibility towards students

    I don't expect any big changes in the job function. It remains important to keep an eye on the management of academic programs and student activity. The only big difference is the role of deans will play in the management of institutions. A lot of schools will leave the market due to digitalization, or at least will lose a great part of their market share. Hence, it is important for university deans to keep their eyes on new opportunities.

  • Dean's role

    Eralp Bektaş

    Eastern Mediterranean University - Faculty of Business and Economics


    22-06-2017 08:52 AM

    The Dean's role and responsibility towards students

    The faculty organizational structure can have different implications for the dean's role. In general, I believe a Dean sould be responsible for offering quality education to students in a comfortable environment. Henceforth, an audit and monitoring role should also be implemented.