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    03-04-2020 07:08 PM

                          COVID 19 - We are offering our platform to share information & call for cooperation 
    The evolution and the scope of the context regarding COVID-19 are truly unprecedented.

    As we are all going through this crisis that has spared no country, we are now beginning to fully grasp what the situation is, and the measures we should be taking as we ride out the storm the best way we can.

    The COVID-19 crisis has made essential what we once considered to be complementary: digitalization of processes, distance learning, on-line tools, the way to evaluate students’ applications, data sharing, new teaching methods that are now applicable to all courses & trainings,  platforms for dialogue, new types of homework, new kind of collaborations, teachers rethinking their methods, and even the ways to run schools and universities.

    The agility and fast mobilization of higher education institutions in the face of this pandemic has been impressive and shows that change when needed could be rapidly implemented. This crisis has accelerated the adoption of new approaches to learning, the launch of innovative initiatives but also an awareness of a new nature!

    For this reason, we have decided to open a sharing platform that will allow:

    • The whole sector to feed on each other’s initiatives.
    • Schools who have not collaborated in the past to identify ways to work together, find common goals, and communicate easily.
    • Fully take into account, in the program and activities of our next Eduniversal World Convention 8/11 November 2020, our need, more than ever, to share solutions, own experiences and best practices and learnings from this very special context. 
    Share your ideas, suggestions, or questions in this COVID-19 SHARING CENTER

    Your participation in this platform by sharing an article, a study, an idea, a solution, a proposal for collaboration will not only feed information to your peers,
    but will also provide material for the reflections and case studies presented at the Eduniversal Convention from 8 to 11 November 2020 in Lisbon.
    We will get through this crisis because of the depth of our commitment, but also because we can support each other in dealing with the upheavals of this outbreak. 
    Our thoughts are with all Eduniversal Schools’ community affected by the COVID-19.