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  • University-Industry Partnership

    Andrey Kolyada

    Eurasian Management and Administration School - EMAS Business School


    20-07-2017 06:49 AM

    What are your thoughts on today's University-Industry Partnership?

    The idea of a profound university/industry partnership is very important and we expect to see future developments. Its main concerns are centered around the areas of research and the increase of young specialists.

    However, we have observed that there is a lack of cooperation between business schools and industry. This is explained by the nature of business education, shools are looking for training of top-level employees from different industries. Profound specialication in some industries will obviously limits schools opportunities. But moving forward, there are some schools that have taken the initiative to incorporate specializations in their program offer i.e. strategic management, marketing, leadership, etc. They will.

  • University-Industry Partnership

    Selcan Timur

    Eastern Mediterranean University - Faculty of Business and Economics


    21-06-2017 05:21 AM

    What are your thoughts on today's University-Industry Partnership?

    An environment that provides an opportunity to both parties for cooperate. This is expected to accumulate and share the knowledge and experience of the academics and professionals. Implementing industry practises into an educational program is something I feel should be developed. Short term industry training can be a solution for that.