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Impact and results 2015

Impacet and result 2015 - key facts edv

Gala Dinner Awards Ceremony for the 1,000 Best Business Schools in 154 countries according to the results of the Deans’ vote session 2015 - Eduniversal World Convention 2015.

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Welcome to the Platform of the Eduniversal Evaluation System

The Deans Vote is the criterion that distinguishes Eduniversal’s Ranking and Rating methodology of the Best 1,000 Business Schools from most of the international classification systems.

All schools included in the Official Selection are reviewed by their academic peers from 154 countries (from the 1,000 schools selected) and a maximum of 50% of the schools in each country can be included in the vote.

The aim of this Rating is to add a component of Peers assessment considered as one of the numerous qualitative and quantitative criteria used in the Eduniversal’s methodology.

On behalf of their respective academic institutions, each Dean / Director is asked to recommend among the 999 other institutions, the one(s) they would suggest to students, planning to study locally or abroad.

Each year, the ranking of the top 1,000 business schools changes according to the results of the Deans’ Vote. This vote determines the recommendation score and ranking order of schools within each country and in each Palme league.

The annual results are disclosed during the Eduniversal World Convention and published on