Eduniversal World Convention & Dean's interviews

Impact and Results 2015

Why am I voting?

  • I am the Dean / Director of one of the Business Schools ranked by Eduniversal

  • I want the rating results to take my professional opinion & expertise into account

  • I would like to share my vision and observations constructively

  • I am interested in the continuous quality improvement of business schools and universities internationally.

  • I find it interesting that the classification takes into account the opinions of my peers, and makes it possible to identify the recommendation rate, although of course this isnot the only criteria of Eduniversal’s methodology

  • I find it important that all deans (where possible) participate in the vote and I appreciate the fact that there are a variety of institutions and countries represented in this survey

  • I can choose the way I manage my vote : (1) I want to vote alone, based on my personal observations, (2) delegate my voting right to a member of my team (a procedure is provided for this), (3) or gather the opinions of my team members to make a collegial vote.

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