The last Eduniversal World Convention took place in Dubrovnik - Croatia, in October 2018 with many events: the official announcement and rewarding of the Eduniversal 1,000 Best Business Schools in 154 countries, ranked according to the results of the Dean’s Vote session 2018, the Gala Dinner and Palmes Awards ceremonies, various conference, working sessions and networking opportunities.
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About Eduniversal Dean's Vote

Headquartered in Paris, Eduniversal is a global ranking and rating agency specializing in higher education. The company has established strong expertise in evaluating academic institutions and programs in France since 1994, and internationally since 2007.

Eduniversal produces two annual global rankings:
- The Best 1000 Business Schools in 154 countries (
- The Best Masters & MBA worldwide ranking in 50 different fields of study (

These rankings are designed to provide information to prospective graduate students that will help them in their search for their future studies in the following zones: Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia & Middle East, Far East Asia, Latin America, North America, Oceania, Western Europe.
They’re also used by companies, and by institutions themselves to develop partnerships in all corners of the world.

Our Mission

To provide the tools and expertise to enable individuals, regardless of nationality, income level or background, to be able to navigate the best global educational opportunities and to make the right personal choices, from selecting an academic institution to choosing a career.

To provide an in depth view on global academic expertise to all stakeholders of higher education with the goal of actively supporting international exchanges between schools, encouraging mobility for professors and students, and assisting HR professionals to identify specialized talent.

Why am I voting?

  • I am the Dean/Director/Rector of one of the Business Schools ranked by Eduniversal

  • I want the rating results to take my professional opinion & expertise into account

  • I would like to share my vision and observations constructively

  • I am interested in the continuous quality improvement of business schools and universities internationally.

  • I find it interesting that the classification takes into account the opinions of my peers, and makes it possible to identify the recommendation rate, although of course this is not the only criteria of Eduniversal’s methodology

  • I find it important that all deans (where possible) participate in the vote and I appreciate the fact that there are a variety of institutions and countries represented in this survey

  • I can choose the way I manager my vote : 1) I keep for myself my right to vote ; 2) I gather the opinions of my team members to make a collegial vote, and we report it on the dedicated online survey ; or 3) I would like to delegate my right to vote to a member of my team, in that case, I write an email to Eduniversal to tell them about it.