Prepare your voting session

  • Who?

    The Dean or Director of the Institution is the only person allowed to take part in the Deans’ vote session. The Dean or Director can delegate his voting right to his representative. In this case, please send your request with the detailed information about the representative (name, surname, function and email address) by email at:

  • How?
  • Rules
    • You cannot recommend more than 50% of business schools per country
    • The countries are presented in an alphabetical order from Albania to Zimbabwe.
    • Your country will be the last one in the list in the voting process (after Zimbabwe).
    • If you don't have any recommendations for the institutions in the particular country, please select: "No, I don’t recommend any institution in this country”
    • You are not allowed to vote for your own institution ; that is why in your voting session, your institution doesn’t appear in the voting list for your country.
    • You can save and continue your voting session at any time.
      Once you submit your final recommendations, your voting session is registered and cannot be modified.